About Us

The Coffee Box started as a dream. A dream of being able to taste the coffees of the world in a way that was committment free, and conducive to variety while providing a quality product. How else could we take our time to discover the many hints and subtle flavors that make coffee that special "any time of day" drink.

And the variety of coffee is too big to quantify. From where and how its grown, to how its roasted and for how long, it all impacts the final taste. Thus, "tastes of the world" is an understatement. Bringing this to coffee-lovers everywhere was our dream!

In talking to our coffee aficionados however, we discovered that accessibility to premium quality coffee was an issue. As such, Coffee Box now had a purpose!

To bring the tastes of high quality coffee from around the world to Canadians doorstep in a fresh, fast, consistent and convenient manner!

So, from dream to a our first, fresh batch of coffee (roasted with love in Montreal), we are happy you are joining the thousands of fans and supporters of The Coffee Box.